Northern Maine's Premier Breeder of Cavalier King Charles  Spaniels  Telephone: 207-538-5004 ,EMAIL:

Bundles of Love and Companionship

    Blenheims, Tri colors, 
      Black and Tans

Canterbury Cavaliers of Maine is located on a 60 acre Organic farmland in Northern Maine on the Canadian border. Our dogs are bred,and puppies welped in our  home. 
    The goal of our breeding program is to produce the finest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies as possible,and to do this with out the many health issues that have arisen in this breed.  We do not believe or participate in "Inline breeding" ( father/daughter,  mother/son, brother/sister.)  Inline breeding is a major cause of Syringomyelia, a condition of the skull being too small for the brain therefore causing the dog horiffic pain and seizures.  All of our breeding dogs are unrelated and come from different parts of the world,and include lineage from several Champion Grand Sires. 
    We offer a (2) two year health guarantee against genetic defects (except umbilical hernias of small size) and follow the strict State of Maine Animal Welfare Laws in providing you the Pet owner with your rights and a happy healthy puppy, We maintain a happy and loving home for all of our family of Canines.  We are inspected by State of Maine Animal Welfare Inspectors unannounced yearly and have always had superior inspection outcomes.  Our Cavaliers are our loves and our business. 
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